Tent Fumigation in Winter Haven, FL

When your safe haven becomes an invading ground for pests and termites, it's time to call in the experts for effective solutions. Tent fumigation is one of the least intrusive ways to rid your property of harmful bugs. Let us travel to your home or business throughout Polk County today.
Tent — Extermination Services in Winter Haven, FL

Pay prices that fit your budget

Hire our certified and trained specialists to rid your home of pests and termites once and for all.

Our tent fumigation and control services include a one year grantee with the option to renew as an annual warranty.
Residential house — Extermination Services in Winter Haven, FL

Residential Fumigation

At iCi Termite and Pest Control, Inc. we specialize in fumigation services. This is for when bed bugs or drywood termites infest your home. If they are in the home structure itself, the entire home has to be treated. We accomplish this by covering your home with a tent that will allow for complete fumigation.
Truck — Extermination Services in Winter Haven, FL

Vehicle Fumigation

If your vehicle has been infested by an insect colony, you may need to fumigate the automobile. Bring your vehicle to our on-site location to eradicate the infestation.
In addition we will fumigate household furniture and much more in our on-site faculty.

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