Service Contract in Winter Haven, FL

You can take advantage of flexible services that fit your personal lifestyle, schedule, and budget. You'll feel confident with our insured and bonded professionals.

We provide many types of pest control service and offer monthly, every other month, quarterly and one time pest control. We use the most thorough, convenient and technologically advanced pest control service available to make your property bug-free. We provide restaurant and commercial pest control service. Our services are pet-friendly and odorless. Additional services include flea and tick control.
Man holding insecticide — Extermination Services in Winter Haven, FL

Feel confident with our insurance policy

We also offer an insurance policy just for you and your future protection. We call this policy a "yearly renewal." The yearly renewal comes with a yearly inspection as well, and it enables you to keep up a protective coverage on the property that was treated. This renewal enables you to protect your home or business after the one-year guarantee expires. With the purchase of the yearly renewal, you are assured that we will come back out and retreat your home or business at no additional cost to you, if your building is ever re-infested with the same termite.